Art Assembly at Somerville Primary School

Art Assembly at Somerville Primary School

Today, two of the winners of the ‘Winter Art Consortium Competition’ went on a special trip to Somerville School.

They met the winners from the other schools, showed their work in a special art assembly, and were presented with a certificate and a prize!

Congratulations to our winning artists!


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Year 5 Arts Councillors visit the Hippodrome

Year 5 Arts Councillors visit the Hippodrome

The Year 5 Arts Councillors from all three sites went on a trip to the Hippodrome on the morning of 17th January.

They were lucky enough to be given a back stage tour and a workshop which was led by the Hippodrome staff. They did a dance warm up and completed several acting activities. At the end of the workshop, the pupils had chance to try on some costumes!



Maths in Reception

Maths in Reception

This week in maths we have been learning about 3D shapes.

The children have learnt to recognise and name the following shapes:

  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Cone


As the children have held, played and explored with the 3D shapes, they have begun to talk about the unique properties of each shape using the following words:

  • Faces
  • Edges
  • Vertices


Below is a song the children have enjoyed singing to help them remember the names of the new shapes they have learnt.

Why not go on a 3D shape hunt at home and see how many shapes you can find?


Thanks for your continued support.

The Reception Team

Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting Five

Today the Hob Moor Road Arts Council had our fifth meeting.

Our meeting had three focuses:

  • We continued to work on our presentation to share the results from our Pupil Voice Survey. This is very nearly ready to be presented to Mrs Malhi !
  • We discussed an upcoming opportunity for the Year 5 Art Councillors (Keep checking the blog for updates!)
  • We watched the IStar TV feature that we created with Shan! This is will soon be available on the IStar TV section of the blog.

Next meeting: Monday 22nd January 2018, 12:30pm

iStarTV – Behind The Scenes

iStarTV – Behind The Scenes

Enjoy these behind the scenes pictures from the latest iStar TV show that was aired for the first time in school yesterday. The TV station is going from strength to strength with the creation of each new show, and we have now created four iStar TV shows! We’ll look forward to sharing all the shows here on the school blog site from January 2018. Happy holidays everyone!

IMG_0351 IMG_0442 IMG_0469 IMG_0471 IMG_0484 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0491 IMG_0514 IMG_0525 IMG_0535 IMG_0585 IMG_0590 IMG_0615 IMG_0653 IMG_0684 IMG_0697 IMG_0721 IMG_0723 IMG_0733 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0741 IMG_0746 IMG_0748 IMG_0750 IMG_0752 IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0761 IMG_0769 IMG_0776 IMG_0780 IMG_0782 IMG_0789 IMG_0812 IMG_0813 IMG_0817 IMG_0818iStar-TV

Helping Your Child at Home

Helping Your Child at Home

We have had a really busy and fun-packed first term in Reception. The children have worked extremely hard in all areas of their learning and the excitement and enthusiasm they have has been a joy to see!

Here are a few ideas of things you could do at home with your child to help them with their learning during the Christmas holiday.


  • Name writing

You could help your child learn to write their name, with a capital letter for the first letter only.

  • Reading

Enjoy time sharing a book with your child, even for just 5 minutes each day. You could also help your child learn to read by practising their word list which can be found in their book bag..

  • Word and sentence writing

Once your child can confidently write their name, maybe you could challenge them to write short words and sentences. Try simple sentence openers such as ‘I can see a…’ , ‘I like the…’, and ‘I am…’

  • Number recognition

You could also help your child to recognise and order written numerals by writing the numbers 0-20 on separate pieces of paper and muddling them up!

  • Get creative!

Being creative is a very important part of Reception. Maybe you could help your child to develop their creativity by helping them to paint, draw, make clay models, dance, sing and act out stories!

  • Free days out

There are lots of places you could visit with your child that are completely free! Parks, outdoor play areas, libraries, museums and art galleries, just to name a few!


Thank you for your ongoing support. Enjoy your Christmas holiday!

The Reception Team

Reception Visit the ‘Snow Dragon’ at the Hippodrome!

Reception Visit the ‘Snow Dragon’ at the Hippodrome!

It has been a very exciting end to the term in Reception as we visited Birmingham Hippodrome to watch a magical performance of ‘The Snow Dragon’! For many children it was their first experience of going to a theatre and it didn’t disappoint! The children loved joining in during the performance and they were a wonderful audience for the actors.


Below is a short video of one of the many fantastic songs we were treated to!

A huge thank you as always to our parent helpers for making our special trip possible. We hope the children will be talking about this fantastic experience for a long time to come!

The Reception Team