Year 1 use their senses!

Year 1 use their senses!

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Tuesday 11th October

Our senses afternoon

We enjoyed exploring our senses, we talked about how the senses were linked to our body parts.

We then took part in some activities that helped us use our senses, like listening to sounds on the laptop, tasting different fruits, smelling blindfolded, using magnifying glasses to explore natural objects and making textured pictures.

Mount Pleasant Farm Trip with Year 1

Today in Year 1, we went to Mount Pleasant Farm and learnt about and named the common animals found on the farm. We saw cows, chickens, sheep and even the farm dog called Tinkerbell. We had a brilliant time and learnt lots of new information. Did you know that baby cows were called calves and that male chickens were called cockerels? Did you know that eggs are collected from the chickens every day so that the eggs are never over 1 day old? Thank you 1RB and 1J for showing fantastic manners and great enthusiasm at the farm. What an amazing day!  

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Year 1 Get Green Fingers!

Year 1 Get Green Fingers!

Over the past year the children in Year 1 have worked extremely hard with Martin in the garden. At the beginning of the year the children helped Martin to plant a wide variety of seeds including carrots, onions, beans, garlic, potatoes and strawberries!

The children thoroughly enjoyed watching as, slowly but surely, the fruit and vegetables began to grow. After lots of sunshine and showers the food we were growing was ready to harvest. The children demonstrated their new found ‘green fingers’ by carefully pulling, digging and collecting all of the fresh produce.

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Then came the exciting part! After harvesting all of the fruit and vegetables we then set to work using the ingredients to make a vegetable curry and a fruit salad. Lots of children bought in fruit from home to help make our fruit salad even tastier. The teachers were all very impressed as the children showed off their excellent cutting skills when preparing all of the fruit.

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After all of our hard work we went into the hall and had a feast! It was very exciting to eat the food just a couple of hours after we had harvested it. The curry, garlic bread and the fruit salad were all delicious and everybody went home feeling very full indeed!

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In year 1 we have been learning how to animate stories. This is some of our work





You can see more by clicking on the links below

Fatima and Nahbiha’s animation

Madina’s animation 

Muhammed and Mehran’s animation

Arisha’s animation

Talha and Khattab’s animation

1R Take Flight With Their Kites!

1R Take Flight With Their Kites!

We had a very exciting start to our new art topic this week when we went outside to investigate which materials would make the best kite. The children had lots of fun testing different materials including wood, plastic, felt, tin foil and binca. After our investigation we came to the conclusion that plastic would be the best material for us to use to make our kites as it is light, waterproof, bendy and it comes in lots of different colours.

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In Maths this week we have been learning all about division. To help us with this, some of the children went outside to collect lots of different natural objects. They were then given a division problem to solve by sharing e.g. 12 shared between 3 groups. The children had lots of fun sharing the objects one at a time to ensure they were shared equally.

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During English lessons this week we have been learning about a poem named the ‘Caribbean Counting Rhyme’. The children worked hard in class to identify the different features in the poem including rhyme, repetition, adjectives, rhythm and alliteration. Some of the children also went outside to take part in a hunt for rhyming words. When the children went outside they found lots of words were written on the playground. Miss Jorge then called out a word and they had to race to find the words that rhymed with it e.g. spoon and moon.

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