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Mad scientists visit year 1 classes

This morning 1D we’re took over by a mad scientist who with the class did some experiments.

Experiment 1: Exploding test tubes

Step 1 – Straw with bicarbonate of soda
Step 2 – Test tube with vinegar
Step 3 – Put the bicarbonate soda into the tube
Step 4 – Shake and lid comes off
Step 5 – Put tubes into sink

Experiment 2 was creating a Volcano

Step 1- put baking powder in flasks
Step-2 pour in the flasks some food colouring
Step-3 get cylinders and put some vinegar in
Step-4 mix both ingredients together

Click to download a video of the volcano!

After they went outside to watch a bottle of lemonade





























1C at the farm

Today we all went to the farm to find out about different animals. We fed and touched  some of the animals. Which animals did we see? What food do they eat? What are their bodies covered with? Which ones provide us with eggs, milk and wool?

Sometimes it was a bit smelly but we found out lots of information and had lots of fun!

1C Transport

In 1C we started our new topic – Transport – and we have been finding out about the vehicles which people used in the past and in the present day. We have found film clips of old-fashioned cars and penny farthing bicycles, as well as looking at the features of a modern car.  We used junk modelling materials to create fantastic rockets to fly into space! In Literacy we have been reading transport poems and some children will be bringing home a booklet with comprehension questions to practice.

Try the activity below to support your child’s learning in school:

Remember to send in your child’s trip permission form and £5 contribution!


On Monday 10th March Starbank School at Bierton Road had a visit from the poet James Carter. We had special assemblies, wrote our own poems and enjoyed sharing lots of different poems on a variety of themes. There was also a Parent Workshop at the end of the day.

Try these online activities and learning tools to have fun with poetry:

There are lots of poems available to read online and also from your local library or bookshop.

World Book Day at Starbank School, Bierton Road

We had a fantastic day on World Book Day – a wizard led the opening assembly and there were book quizzes for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4! Everyone enjoyed sharing and acting out stories, as well as dressing up as a favourite book character. Thank you to all the parents who came and joined in with our activities…

On Monday 10th March the poet James Carter will be at Bierton Road. There will be a workshop for parents and children from 2S, 3RM, 4A and 4K after school so please come along!

World Book Day

Thank you to those parents who were able to come along to take part in the activities in each class for World Book Day.

The stories are on here so that you can read them together and enjoy them with your child.

Please take time to learn the rhymes that have been sent home and enjoy saying them with lots of expression and rhythm.

We hope you enjoy the book that your child chooses with their voucher.

Gingerbread Man Story Book

Little Red Riding Hood

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Jack and the Beanstalk

All About Sound

1C have started their new Science Topic – Sound. We went on a Sound Walk to find different sources of sound inside and outside. Then we brainstormed all the things we already know about sound and created sound patterns on the laptops.  We also investigated musical instruments – tambourines, guitars, triangles, drums, bells – and discovered how the strings on the guitar vibrate when we pluck or strum them. We have started to create some instruments of our own too using a range of materials.