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Vegetable Soup in 1C

This week we made vegetable soup. We washed and chopped vegetables which we had chosen – broccoli, carrots and onion. Then we added vegetarian stock and simmered the mixture for 10 minutes before eating. We thought it smelt really nice and tasted delicious!

DSCN3348[1] DSCN3349[1] DSCN3350[1] DSCN3343[1]DSCN3345[1] DSCN3342[1] DSCN3340[1]

How had the vegetables changed after we had cooked them? What other vegetables could we have used?


KS1 Dance Workshop

We would like to say a big Thank you to our parents who came and supported us today. The children have been working so hard and were so excited to finally perform for you all.

The children have learnt lots about different styles of dance and how we can move our bodies to different styles of music . The children worked extremly hard to sequence their own movements and we worked on how we could perform these for our audience.

Here are some rehearsal pictures. imageimageimageimageimageimage


Year One Preparing Vegetables

We have started our new topic this week – ‘Eat More Fruit and Vegetables’.  We investigated different fruits and used them to make a delicious fruit salad.  Then we used different tools to chop, grate and peel vegetables.

DSCN3309[1] DSCN3314[1]  DSCN3317[1] DSCN3316[1]DSCN3323[1] DSCN3322[1]

Try this game to match the fruit names to the correct picture:

Or find out about different food groups: 



Finding out about the Weather

Year One have been finding out about the seasons and the different ways in which we can measure the weather – wind, rain and temperature. We watched this video to find out how to make our very own rain guage!

Soon we will be going on a visit to the local EcoPark to find out about changes to the weather and the seasons.  These are some of the questions which the children want to find the answers to:

What changes can you see happening to the trees during Autumn?

What do we use to test the wind?

Does a thermometer measure heat?

How much rain falls down?


1C Visit the Ecopark

On Thursday 1C visited the Ecopark as we began our new topic ‘Plants and Trees’.  When we were there we looked for lots of different types of plants, using a chart to help us try to identify them.  We also drew some of the leaves and flowers that we came across.



Can you recognise the plants which these leaves came from?

IMG_20140612_135602064[1]      IMG_20140612_135847552[1]

Visit this website for more help on identifying plants: