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1C Visit the Ecopark

On Thursday 1C visited the Ecopark as we began our new topic ‘Plants and Trees’.  When we were there we looked for lots of different types of plants, using a chart to help us try to identify them.  We also drew some of the leaves and flowers that we came across.



Can you recognise the plants which these leaves came from?

IMG_20140612_135602064[1]      IMG_20140612_135847552[1]

Visit this website for more help on identifying plants: 


Layering a collage

1C celebrate Art

This week in 1C we have been finding out about the work of the artist Jackson Pollock. We have read his autobiography and we have talked about some of his paintings.  We have created paintings by rolling marbles through paint. We have layered paper over balloons to create  papier-mache. We have layered different materials to create collages.

Layering a collage

Layering materials

Creating a marble painting

Creating a marble painting

DSCN3138[1] DSCN3135[1]

Working together with papier mache

Working together with papier-mache

DSCN3136[1] DSCN3142[1]

In Literacy we have also been identifying and describing characters in familiar stories. We described the good characters and bad characters in ‘Snow White’ using adjectives.DSCN3140[1] DSCN3139[1]

Find out about familiar story characters at:



Maths in 1C

This week in year one we are learning about patterns – colour patterns, shape patterns, number patterns. Here are some shape patterns which we created:

IMG_20140428_095448129[1] IMG_20140428_095503031[1] IMG_20140428_095459232[1] IMG_20140428_095453769[1]

Can you find which numbers would come next in the following patterns:

5,   10,   15 ….

12,  17,  22 …..

16,   26,   36 …..

24,  22,  20 …..

17,   15,   13 …..

67,  57,  47 ….


Mad scientists visit year 1 classes

This morning 1D we’re took over by a mad scientist who with the class did some experiments.

Experiment 1: Exploding test tubes

Step 1 – Straw with bicarbonate of soda
Step 2 – Test tube with vinegar
Step 3 – Put the bicarbonate soda into the tube
Step 4 – Shake and lid comes off
Step 5 – Put tubes into sink

Experiment 2 was creating a Volcano

Step 1- put baking powder in flasks
Step-2 pour in the flasks some food colouring
Step-3 get cylinders and put some vinegar in
Step-4 mix both ingredients together

Click to download a video of the volcano!

After they went outside to watch a bottle of lemonade






























Mothers Assembly

Thank you to everyone who came to our Mothers Assembly today. The children enjoyed sharing their portraits, cards, messages and flowers with their mums and female relatives.


1C at the farm

Today we all went to the farm to find out about different animals. We fed and touched  some of the animals. Which animals did we see? What food do they eat? What are their bodies covered with? Which ones provide us with eggs, milk and wool?

Sometimes it was a bit smelly but we found out lots of information and had lots of fun!