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Following instructions in year 1

1AR have enjoyed learning about how to write and follow instructions. We have been learning about what makes a good instruction and how to follow each step to produce something. We have used instructions to make a pencil dinosaur, chocolate milk, a jam sandwich and we learnt how to plant our own bean plant!

IMAG0319 IMAG0320 IMAG0445 IMAG0451 IMAG0463 IMAG0466 IMAG0476 IMAG0480 IMAG0287 IMAG0278


1AR visit the Lickey Hills

We had so much fun on our trip to the Lickey Hills. We enjoyed exploring our natural surroundings. We looked for different types of plants and trees and used a identification guide to help us. We also measured the tree trunks to see if they were all the same size and we used bark rubbings to explore pattern. It was so much fun! The Lickey ranger took us around and we found lots of interesting things, take a look!

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1C at the Lickey Hills Country Park

We went to the Lickey Hills Country Park as part of our Science topic about Plants. We measured tree trunks, did bark rubbings, identified leaves from different trees, hunted for natural objects, looked and listened for signs of Spring, and went for a walk through the very muddy woods!

DSCN3876[1] DSCN3886[1]  DSCN3885[1] DSCN3892[1] DSCN3919[1] DSCN3912[1] DSCN3907[1] DSCN3862[1]


1AR enjoy Red Nose Day

1AR had so much fun on Red Nose Day. We want to thank all the parents for their contributions! Our afternoon started by learning about a little girl in Zambia, we talked about how the money raised would support the children  in Africa. The children enjoyed making crazy faces and loved buying delicious cakes made by our kitchen staff. Well done to all involved.

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Year One Geography

Today we started our new Geography topic ‘Our Local Area‘.  We are going to  use fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography around our school.

To start our topic we predicted all the features which we might see around the school site and then went on a local walk to find more!

DSCN3682[1] DSCN3711[1] DSCN3727[1] DSCN3728[1] DSCN3683[1]


What other features do you think we found? Try to find an aerial photograph of Starbank Road or Bierton Road online, or find an atlas which shows you maps of different locations around the world.

Find maps and images at:




Florence Nightingale in Year One

Year One have started our new topic about The lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. 

We have been learning about the life of Florence Nightingale who was a nurse during the Crimean War.  We have found out about the changes she made to the hospital where she worked.  Find out more about her life at: 

During our topic we have dressed up as nurses and doctors, looked at images of hospitals in the past, and sorted facts which are true or false.

DSCN3663[1]DSCN3659[1] DSCN3652[1] DSCN3660[1]



Non-Fiction in Year One

In Literacy, Year One have been finding out about non-fiction texts. We have been identifying the features – Information, Facts, Contents, Index, Glossary, Photographs, Headings, Labels, Diagrams.

We tidied up our book corners by looking carefully at each book and deciding which section it needed to go in – Fiction or Non-fiction.

DSCN3483[1] DSCN3486[1] DSCN3499[1] DSCN3501[1]

DSCN3503[1] DSCN3504[1]

To support your child you can visit your local library and find a non-fiction book on a topic he/she wants to find out more about!

Remember to come and listen to the Year One Radio Show at Starbank School Bierton Site on Friday 12th December.