1R Take Flight With Their Kites!

1R Take Flight With Their Kites!

We had a very exciting start to our new art topic this week when we went outside to investigate which materials would make the best kite. The children had lots of fun testing different materials including wood, plastic, felt, tin foil and binca. After our investigation we came to the conclusion that plastic would be the best material for us to use to make our kites as it is light, waterproof, bendy and it comes in lots of different colours.

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In Maths this week we have been learning all about division. To help us with this, some of the children went outside to collect lots of different natural objects. They were then given a division problem to solve by sharing e.g. 12 shared between 3 groups. The children had lots of fun sharing the objects one at a time to ensure they were shared equally.

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During English lessons this week we have been learning about a poem named the ‘Caribbean Counting Rhyme’. The children worked hard in class to identify the different features in the poem including rhyme, repetition, adjectives, rhythm and alliteration. Some of the children also went outside to take part in a hunt for rhyming words. When the children went outside they found lots of words were written on the playground. Miss Jorge then called out a word and they had to race to find the words that rhymed with it e.g. spoon and moon.

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1R Go Exploring!

1R Go Exploring!

In 1R we have enjoyed making the most of the sunshine by going outside to do lots of exploring. As part of science week, we went on our very own minibeast hunt around the school site and the children made some very exciting discoveries! They found ants, woodlice, caterpillars, centipedes, spiders, ants and worms!

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In English we have been learning about a poem called ‘Walking Through The Playground’. The children worked hard to learn the poem by heart so that they could recite it without looking at the words. At the end of the lesson we went outside to perform the poem in our own playground! The children had lots of fun using expression and actions to make the poem exciting for the audience.

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1R Get Creative!

1R Get Creative!

The children in 1R have been working extremely hard this week completing lots of important work with Mr Reed. As a treat, the children have had the chance to take part in lots of exciting activities in the afternoon!

Lots of children have been getting creative making some giant art work! We used some extremely long paper to create our art on. One sheet of paper was even longer than the whiteboard! This activity also also created lots of writing opportunities as the children were busy labelling and writing about the things they had drawn.

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The children have also been busy building lots of exciting things using cardboard boxes, sketching natural objects, building 3D structures using lollipop sticks and painting story characters. We even created our own version of Small Heath by making our own road signs to add to a map! Can you spot any roads you recognise on our map?

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Year 1 Rocket Radio – The Traditional Tales Show

Year 1 Rocket Radio – The Traditional Tales Show

Today was radio broadcast day for Year 1. They celebrated the wonderful stories of The Gingerbread Man and The Three Billy Goats Gruff through this fantastic new radio show. Both halls at Starbank Road and Bierton Road were full with parents and children listening and enjoying the stories, songs, gingerbread recipes, and quizzes that made up the show. Listen below and hear Year 1 deliver their show with complete style and character!


IMG_20160126_105400 IMG_20160126_110206 IMG_20160126_110340 IMG_20160126_110422 IMG_20160126_114225 PTDC0308 PTDC0336 PTDC0339 PTDC0349 PTDC0350 PTDC0351 PTDC0356 PTDC0357 PTDC0358 PTDC0361 PTDC0669 PTDC0670 PTDC0672 PTDC0682 PTDC0685 PTDC0692 PTDC0978 PTDC0980 PTDC1015 PTDC1016 rocketradiologo

1R Head off on a Word Hunt!

1R Head off on a Word Hunt!

”We’re going on a word hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, we’re not scared…uh oh a tricky one..!”

The children in 1R have been very busy this week as they have been visiting the’ tricky word’ road! The ‘road’ was made up  of lots of different words which the children had to read in order to continue walking along the road. At the end of the ‘tricky word’ road the children found the trickiest word of them all – ‘there’! The children worked together to read the word before reading all the words they had encountered as they ran back down the road towards the safety of the classroom! 

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In maths this week we have started learning about odd and even numbers. The children were introduced to the characters ‘Even Stephen’ who liked numbers which could be shared equally, and ‘Odd Bob’ who likes numbers which cannot be shared equally. A group of children got their clipboards in hand and went on a hunt for numbers around school. When the children found a number they needed to decide if the number was going to ‘Even Stephen’ or ‘Odd Bob’.

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It might have been chilly this week but that wasn’t enough to put the children off bringing some water outside to work on their fine motor skills. The children found lots of words written in chalk on the playground and their job was to use the paintbrushes to carefully paint over the chalk using the water. Things got even more exciting when the children took it in turns to use spray bottles to carefully target the water at the words written on the ground. The group worked very carefully to ensure the water went on the chalk words and not the playground, whilst also developing the strength of their hand muscles at the same time!

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1R Take on the Sponge Race Challenge!

1R Take on the Sponge Race Challenge!

This week the children in 1R had a very exciting morning as we visited Small Heath Library to find out more about the books they have and how they are all organised. We were all shocked when we were told that the library has over 20,000 books and the libraries of Birmingham have a combined total of over 3 million books!! The children had a fantastic time learning about the library and we were very lucky to listen to a story before we left. Some children even had the chance to borrow a book from the library using their library card! Remember to return your books to the library by the stamped date!

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In our maths lessons this week we have started learning about division for the first time. We learnt that division means sharing objects or a number into equal groups. To practise this, a group of hungry children went outside to make giant pizzas! The children all drew a pizza outline and halved it to make two equal groups. The children were then given lots of objects to put on their pizza but these objects had to be shared equally, one at a time. The group worked very hard to divide the objects equally to make their pizzas, all of which looked good enough to eat!

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The children were very keen to make the most of the (unusually) sunny weather as another group of children went outside to work on their fine motor skills. Mr Reed challenged the children to complete a very messy task! They had to soak a sponge in water before running to the other end of the playground so they could squeeze the water from the sponge into the container. The children were extremely competitive as they tried to squeeze the most water from their sponge! Lots of messy fun was had and all the children worked very hard to further develop the strength in their hand muscles by squeezing every drop of water out of the sponges!

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We can’t wait to find out what we will be doing next during our outdoor expeditions!