Hob Moor Road : Meeting 6

Hob Moor Road : Meeting 6

Today the Arts Council at Hob Moor Road site gathered to begin rehearsing the presentation we have prepared for Mrs Mahli!

We decided who would say each slide and we discussed ideas to ensure our presentation is effective.

The Councillors have been set a task to do in their own time. They need to prepare a speech to compliment their class slide and practise saying their speech from memory.

Next meeting: Monday 26th February. 12.30pm

Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting Five

Today the Hob Moor Road Arts Council had our fifth meeting.

Our meeting had three focuses:

  • We continued to work on our presentation to share the results from our Pupil Voice Survey. This is very nearly ready to be presented to Mrs Malhi !
  • We discussed an upcoming opportunity for the Year 5 Art Councillors (Keep checking the blog for updates!)
  • We watched the IStar TV feature that we created with Shan! This is will soon be available on the IStar TV section of the blog.

Next meeting: Monday 22nd January 2018, 12:30pm