Year 6 Rocket Radio – Amazon Adventures Live Show

Year 6 Rocket Radio – Amazon Adventures Live Show

Today, Year 6 delivered their totally tropical Amazon Adventures Live Show, from the Rocket Radio studio at Starbank Road. It was a powerhouse of a show full of facts, reviews, and entertainment, inspired by their current studying of the story ‘Journey to the River Sea’. The radio team trailblazed today with complete energy, flair and enthusiasm. Click below to listen…


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World Book Day at Hob Moor Road

World Book Day at Hob Moor Road

Well, we have done it again! This year’s World Book Day at Hob Moor Road was a blast!  We had everyone from Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty to the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz; we even had some of the teachers dressed up!  On Thursday 5th March 2015, all the children at Hob Moor Road came together to appreciate reading – very loudly and very happily.

To mark the occasion, during the afternoon Years 4, 5 and 6 held book quizzes.  Two pupils were chosen to represent each class and every year group were given a text to study:

  • Year 6 – War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells,
  • Year 5 – Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo
  • Year 4 – The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

The teams were also cleverly named after well-known publishers: Puffins, Walkers and Ladybirds. The competition was fierce, but in the end there could only be one winning class from years 6 and 5 and two from year 4.  They were:

Naeemah and Waliha (6S)
Muna and Azeem (5H)
Sehreen and Mohamed (4K)
Ruqaiyah and Abdul (4R)

Well done! Their prize was a trip to Waterstones to spend a £5 book voucher and a certificate was awarded to all the children for participating.

After the quiz Mrs Bhalru and Miss Yasin had to decide who had the best costumes in Years 5 and 6. It was a difficult decision, but they managed to choose two children who had made a huge effort to create their own costumes. The winners were: Eesa from 5Y as Burglar Bill and Rahim from 6S as Charles Darwin. The winners got to choose a prize from a selection of books, book

marks and stationary.  All in all it was a fantastic day!

Kingswood Complete!

Kingswood Complete!

After a couple of final activities we made our way back to school on Friday afternoon. What a wonderful week we had. We all tried exciting new things, faced our fears, made new friends and learnt to become more independent people.

Now it’s time to share all of the stories with our families and have a nice long sleep!

Thanks to everyone for their help this week 🙂




The whole group


Silly faces!

Kingswood – Thursday

Kingswood – Thursday

Our final full day at Kingswood has ended and what a day it has been. The children have completed 6 adventurous activities today which included the thrill of going Caving . We even we saw real life stalactites and stalagmites after travelling through sticky mud and brown puddles on hands and knees! After that, we all went inside for some dodging and weaving in Lazer Zone before showing off our musical skills in Drum Beat!

It all ended with an ace disco at Club Kingswood and a cup of hot chocolate to send our exhausted troops to sleep.

Check out some of the action from our other activities in our photos and videos from the day…

Zooming through the air on the Zip Wire!


Battling Nightline! 

Mr Hemmings

Starbank trip to Normandy, France!

Starbank trip to Normandy, France!

 On Sunday 14th June, 12 children from year 5 & 6 along with Mr Ahmed and Mrs Mewis. joined 4 children and two members of staff from Calthorpe Special School for a week’s fun and adventure in France. We left Birmingham at 10.00am to drive to Portsmouth where we boarded the ferry. After a VERY smooth and quick crossing we arrived in Cherbourg ahead of schedule and after a bite to eat there we continued our journey to Saint Saveur. On arrival at our accommodation we all settled into our rooms, making beds and unpacking etc before turning in for the night. We all had so much fun in France, I’m not sure which day we enjoyed the most, whether it be our first day on the beach collecting shells and making beach collages; the trip to the farm where the farmer hypnotised a chicken, we got to feed all of his animals and hold some of them, and ride on a donkey bareback!!; kite making and then flying them on the beach; visiting Mont St Michel where the view was awesome!; or the day we went to the city and saw a beautiful cathedral and ate chocolate crepes!! One thing is for sure, we will remember our visit to France forever!

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