E-Safety Day

E-Safety Day

This afternoon 5LS have been introduced to Safe Internet Day.  In small groups, children chose to act out a play script to show how we may not intentionally hurt people online but people can get upset.  We also looked at some scenarios and thought carefully about how we would respond to them.  We learnt what to do if somebody was unkind to us online sid2bysid18locking, ignoring or letting a trusted adult know.  Other children made posters to show awareness and a few children made a rap about staying safe online.sid17  sid7 sid8 sid11sid15sid16

Riverside Performing Arts visit Hob Moor Road

Riverside Performing Arts visit Hob Moor Road

We had an exciting afternoon at the Hob Moor Road site today!

Riverside Performing Arts company came and performed an exciting Easter production for all of the pupils from Reception to Year 6!

The show was called “Joe’s Amazing Easter Adventure”. It shared an important message about the real meaning of Easter in a funny and interactive way.

All of the children enjoyed the show and came away knowing that there is more to Easter than chocolate eggs!

It was lovely to see all of the year groups together and a wonderful way to bring our Spring Term to an end.



Radio Recap – Year 5 Normans Shows LIVE

Radio Recap from February 2017 where Year 5 delivered two incredible live shows to let you into the world of the Naughty Normans. There’s plenty of knowledge and entertainment in these brilliant shows so dive right in and find out about the Normans. Show 1 is by classes 5KR, 5H, 5Q. Show 2 is delivered by 5B, 5S, 5K, 5R. Listen by clicking below: –



Hi all, we have arrived safely at Kingswood and we have a great first night. At RAF Cosford, we saw some amazing fighter jets and the children really enjoyed the 4D experience. We arrived at Kingswood at 2pm… we had to make our own beds! Then, we took part in the Mini Olympics, which was a great competition! We had a lovely cooked breakfast this morning and now we are about to take part in the day’s activities, including team challenge, problem solving, low wires and much more! We are looking forward to the camp fire and hot chocolate tonight! Here are some pictures below…

Animation – 5P


5P have been working hard on creating stop frame animations of the Mayan Creation Myth. These are our versions of the story. You can see the original on our Moodle site. We completed all the filming in one hour!


Watch more examples by clicking on the links below

Clip 1                                                                      Clip 2

Clip 3                                                                      Clip 4

Clip 5                                                                      Clip 6