We are artists!

We are artists!

For the past 2 weeks we have been artists! This year for art fortnight year one have studied and take inspiration from Bridget Riley. Bridget Riley is an English artist who creates optical illusions and artwork using tessellation. In the first week we researched, experimented with different mediums and created a piece of 2D artwork in the style of Bridget Riley. This week we have focused on 3D art and used clay to produce 3D artwork again which was inspired by Bridget Riley.

WEEK 1 – Using paints to create our Bridget Riley inspired  piece of art.

WEEK 1 – Using oil pastels to create our Bridget Riley inspired piece of art.


WEEK 2 – Creating our 3D artwork.


During the course of the fortnight we have learnt lots of new skills and fun facts about Bridget Riley, but the best thing of all we had lots of fun doing it! Year one have created some fantastic pieces of art – well done!

We are instruction writers!

We are instruction writers!

This week in English year one have been looking at verbal and written instructions. We have followed instructions and written our own on ‘How to Make a Windpipe’.

How to Make a Windpipe

You will need:

  • 5 Plastic straws
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • A pencil
  1. First, carefully cut the straws to different lengths so they create a different sound.

2. Then accurately sequence the straws from shortest to longest.

3. After, carefully cut a piece of sticky tape the same length as your pencil so you have enough to fit around all 5 straws.

4. Next, lay the tape on the table with the sticky side up and precisely stick the straws onto the tape with the top of straws in a straight line.

5. Finally fasten the straws securely with sticky tape.

Now enjoy the sweet, soft sound of the windpipes!

We thoroughly enjoyed making the windpipes and playing them too! Well done year one you did a fabulous job. If you would like to practise your instruction writing skills or develop your sequencing skills head over to Moodle where there is an exciting, interactive activity!


Phonics Screening Workshop at Bierton Road

Phonics Screening Workshop at Bierton Road

A big thank you to all of the parents who came to the Phonics Screening workshop at Bierton Road this morning. I hope you found the information useful and reassuring.

If you were unable to attend the workshop, you can view the presentation by clicking on the link here.

Below are a list of the useful websites we discussed this morning.




You can also watch the video below to hear the articulation of the pure sounds we teach at school.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Reed


Rocket Radio – Hob Moor Road Year 3 & Year 4 – Story Books Special – LIVE

Rocket Radio – Hob Moor Road Year 3 & Year 4 – Story Books Special – LIVE

The Year 3 and Year 4 classes from Hob Moor Road brought the second live show of the day, and completed the radio experience at the end of the spring term. It was a grand finalé just before we finished for the Easter holidays! Enjoy this amazing show from classes 3R, 3W, 4M and 4D as they bring you reports, scripts, adverts, music, and quizzes from their favourite stories. Enjoy listening by clicking below: –

Rocket Radio – Starbank Rd Year 3 & Year 4 – Story Books and Mummies Show – LIVE

Rocket Radio – Starbank Rd Year 3 & Year 4 – Story Books and Mummies Show – LIVE

Year 3 and Year 4 brought a stylish end to the term with their live shows on the final day before breaking up for Easter. Listen to this fantastic show from classes 3A, 3M, 4P, and 4B, LIVE from the radio studio at Starbank Road. All the best features from some of your favourite story books, a trip to Ancient Egypt, and some brilliant new music, there’s plenty to keep you entertained! Listen below: –