Culture Day At Starbank Nursery

Culture Day At Starbank Nursery

We had a wonderful Culture Day in Nursery this week. Lots of children wore their traditional clothes. We tasted fruits and breads from around the world. We looked at photos from different countries and some parents stayed to share their wedding photos with the children. We made flags and looked at maps. Thank you to all the parents who made the day such a success.

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At Christmas time some children went to St. Bernadette’s School to watch the Christmas Nativity.

On Wedsnesday we invited some children from St. Bernadette’s School to our Nursery to share with them how we celebrate Eid.

We had a wonderful time sharing our toys, the children dressed up in traditional clothes in the role play area, made roti out of playdough, had Mehndi and tasted rice and naan.





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Our visit to the Eco Park (AM)

We went to the Eco park with all our friends.  We used our senses to learn about what was all around us.  We used our eyes to look for lots of different colours and we used our nose to find things that smell to put in to our smelly cocktails.  We used our ears to hear the birds singing and we had a listening moment where we tried to listen to all the sounds around the Eco park.