Art Assembly at Somerville Primary School

Art Assembly at Somerville Primary School

Today, two of the winners of the ‘Winter Art Consortium Competition’ went on a special trip to Somerville School.

They met the winners from the other schools, showed their work in a special art assembly, and were presented with a certificate and a prize!

Congratulations to our winning artists!


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Year 5 Arts Councillors visit the Hippodrome

Year 5 Arts Councillors visit the Hippodrome

The Year 5 Arts Councillors from all three sites went on a trip to the Hippodrome on the morning of 17th January.

They were lucky enough to be given a back stage tour and a workshop which was led by the Hippodrome staff. They did a dance warm up and completed several acting activities. At the end of the workshop, the pupils had chance to try on some costumes!



Hob Moor Road Arts Council become TV stars!

Hob Moor Road Arts Council become TV stars!

On Friday, Hob Moor Road Arts Council spent the afternoon working with Shan to produce an Arts feature for Istar TV.

The Councillors spoke about why they became Arts Councillors, they interviewed other pupils about Arts Award and they showed off our fabulous winter art competition entries.

We can’t wait to see the show when it is edited!


The next Arts Council meeting will now be in January. Unfortunately, our meeting on Monday 11th was missed due to the school closure because of the snow.


Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting 4

Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting 4

In today’s Arts Council meeting, Councillors shared the results from their ‘Pupil Voice Survey’ and we discussed what these results show.

We started to work together to create a Powerpoint presentation to display the results from our survey, ready to present to senior school staff in a few weeks.

A few Art Councillors were unable to attend today’s meeting so we are missing some class results. We hope to complete the presentation, with the remaining results in our next meeting.

Next meeting: Monday 11th December 2017 at 12.30pm 


Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting Three

Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting Three

Today the Hob Moor Road Arts Council had our third meeting.

We finalised the ‘Pupil Voice Survey’ that we began creating in our last meeting and we decided when we are going to present this survey to our classes.

We discussed what we would do with the findings from our survey. We settled on creating class posters or graphs to share the results which we will go on to combine together to make a single powerpoint presentation to share the results from the whole of KS2. We hope to present our presentation to Mrs Malhi!

We also discussed an upcoming art competition, which is currently top secret! Arts Councillors will be responsible for advertising this competition and making sure we get lots of entries.

Arts Councillor Gap Tasks:

  1. Explain the ‘Pupil Voice Survey’ to your class.
  2. Complete the survey with your class (after 20th November)
  3. Create a graph or poster to display class results from the survey
  4. Create a poster to advertise the upcoming art competition

Next Meeting:  Monday 27th November, 12:30 – 12:45


Arts council Bierton Road

Hello everyone!

We recently had our second meeting at Bierton Road. We had a great discussion about what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to achieve it. We have now been given the task of creating a poster to display all of our amazing ideas.

Look out for our student survey coming around as we also generated this. We want to hear your views and opinions on the Arts at Starbank!

We will keep you updated!

Bierton Arts Council