The Arts Council’s ‘Art Fortnight Evaluation’

The Arts Council at Hob Moor Road have been working hard to write brief evaluations of the teaching and learning which took place during Art Fortnight. Rayyan, Wiam and Manesha are the first to complete their evaluations and we wanted to share these with everyone…


Year 3

Author: Rayyan, 3G

“In Art Fortnight we made sculptures in our class, like wind chimes. Each table was a team and we did some voting and judging to choose the design to make. We used coloured pasta, beads, buttons, wire and string. We made the sculptures so that they could hang, meaning we needed to make them balance! My team didn’t make ours balance so we had a wobbly sculpture. I really liked that we had diamonds and beads but I disliked that the diamonds didn’t fit on the string! We now have a brilliant display of our work!”


Year 4

Author: Wiam, 4R

“During Art Fortnight 4R went through quite a few struggles but in the end we came up with loads of brilliant and creative pieces. We were studying the artist, Tara Donovan. She uses everyday materials like cups and buttons. These are called man-made objects. We used lots of different materials like paint, card, straws, cardboard, foil, balloons, plastic cups and much more! My least favourite materials were using the cups and straws. We made 3D fruits for our final piece. It was very hard because the PVA glue was not very strong! My group made a pineapple first but it didn’t work so we made an orange.”


Year 4

Author: Manesha, 4M

“In 4M we have been learning about Tara Donovan’s art work. She uses everyday materials like pencils, plastic cups, envelopes, buttons and all sorts of things! My favourite piece of her work was the plastic cups because it looked like a mountain. My team did really well and the work was good. We used straws, toothpicks, plastic cups and paper plates. For our final piece we worked as a class to make a collaboration. My teacher did a really good job and we have a good display.”


Art Week in 3B

Art Week in 3B

3B have been looking at the 1920’s and 1930’s for our inspiration this art fortnight! Did you know that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were created in 1928? Did you know that a famous art movement in the 1920’s was surrealism? Surrealism is when objects were put together in artwork that were not normally seen together. We had a go making some surreal art using Mickey Mouse as our inspiration. 


DSC00456  DSC00457 DSC00455 DSC00454  DSC00453  DSC00452     DSC00449

Art Fortnight -British Values

Art Fortnight -British Values

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We hope you enjoy looking at the finished Art Work from across the three sites that was completed as part of Art Fortnight.

We have some very talented and creative children at Starbank School. Art Fortnight has allowed them to develop their artistic and creative skills and has given them a much deeper understanding and tolerance of others through looking at British Values.