RP visit the Eco Park

RP visit the Eco Park

Last week RP went to the Eco Park. It was our third visit of the year, so we have been able to monitor the changes over the seasons. Today’s activity was making ‘journey sticks’. Guy explained that the children in ‘The Bush’ in Australia create journey sticks to stop them from getting lost as they travel across the bush to visit their friends in other villages. We imaged we were going on a long journey and needed to create journey sticks to stop us getting lost during our journey across the he Eco Park. We travelled around the Eco Park, collecting coloured pipe cleaners to represent different parts of the Eco Park. We tied these pipe cleaners onto sticks and were able to re-tell our journey using the colours to help us remember where we had been.


Science Week in Hob Moor Road Reception

Science Week in Hob Moor Road Reception

This week was Science Week and the whole of the school was set a challenge to spend the week completing various ‘enquiry based Science investigations’.

In Hob Moor Road Reception, we took this challenge very seriously and throughout the week we carried out LOADS of enquiry based Science investigations in our indoor and outdoor learning environment.

Our Science activities included:

  • ‘The dancing skeleton’ which was an exploration into magnets
  • ‘Rainbow carnations’ which was an experiment involving dying flowers with food colouring
  • ‘See your bones’ which involved shining torches onto our hands to try and see our bones
  • ‘Plastic cup telephones’ which involved making our own telephones to see how sound travelled
  •  ‘Water chimes’ which was an investigation into sound
  • ‘Make a skeleton’ which was a team effort to create a papier mache skeleton so we could investigate the body and material changes at the same time
  • ‘Can you make it disappear?’ which was a dissolving experiment in the water tray
  • ‘Bubble fun’ where we tried to make our own bubbles, testing a number of variables
  • ‘The mysterious apple’ which is an on going investigation as we observe changes which happen to apple chunks when they are left in various liquids
  • ‘Bumpy paintings’ where we added different materials to our paint to see how it changed the texture of the paint
  • ‘Grow your own potatoes’ which is another on going investigation into planting and growing

The Reception children had a fabulous week and will continue to observe the changes and developments of our on going investigations!

Science is linked to the Reception curriculum through the  ‘Early Learning Goal’ of ‘Understanding The World’.

The end of year target is:

Children know about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things. They talk about the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another. They make observations of animals and plants and explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.


Juggling Jim visits Hob Moor Road Reception

Juggling Jim visits Hob Moor Road Reception

The Reception children had a fantastic morning with Juggling Jim.

The morning started with an amazing circus skills performance where Juggling Jim made us laugh with his funny circus skills. He juggled scarfs, rode on a unicycle and even used a pie face game! We all laughed so much!

Following the performance, Juggling Jim led some circus skills workshops where he taught us how to spin plates, ride pedal-goes and even flick beanbags off a kick board!

Following the performance and workshops, the Reception children made thank you cards for Juggling Jim and some children even painted his portrait!

It was a fabulous morning!