Book Review 5N

Journey to Jo’Burg


AGE: 9

Journey to Jo’burg is all about apartheid. Apartheid is when people get separate by the level or skin colour. Journey to Jo’burg is about black people have to live in Soweto and the white people get to live in luxury’s mansion in park town mansion.

My favorite part is when the police come and start arresting people. They only attack the black people because they are different skin colour .the reason they only attack the black people is because they have forgotten their pass. The police are very horrible and mean.

I like this book because it does not only talk about English but also history and how the black struggled in their life unlike the black people.

I rate this book 4 stars because they did not end it good but overall it was good.

Book Review 5N

  Journey to Jo’burg

(Laiba Parvez, age 10)

Beverly Naidoo

I really enjoyed this book because the author used lots of different words to describe different things. I would recommend this book to 10yr or 11yr because they would enjoy it because it includes lots of new words. My favourite part of the book is when they find Mma because they got to enjoy the moment. My least favourite part is when they go to the hospital because it creates a lot of stress. Some parts of the book were very interesting because the author talks a lot about apartheid and what happened in South Africa. My favourite character is Naledi because she took responsibility and looked after Tiro.It could be very depressing for Naledi and Tiro because they would be at a lot of places and it might be claustrophobic. It was very upsetting that when their sister became ill they went all the way to Johannesburg which was 300km away. I give this book 4 stars.

Book Review 5N

Journey to Jo’ burg

Review by Ejaz Hanif

Age 10

Author Beverly Naidoo

Illustrator Lisa kopper

This book was wonderful to read. Inside the book was about Apartheid laws. My favourite part is when they go to the orange farm and eat and sleep. It gives a lot of information and facts about South Africa in 1900’s which shows us what it was like in them times.  Naledi and Tiro risk their lifes for their ill,little sister Dineo. If they go on this adventure they might survive but they can make it in time to get to their Mom because she is all the way in johhanesburg which is 300 km away from Soweto their country.This is one of their most dangerous journey’s yet!it it was banned in South Africa for a while but then they released it again. It got banned because the government did not want them to know what they like.

I rate this book 5 stars because of the moral behind it which is to not be racist, and the suitable age I say it should be 7-25 years old.

Book Review 5N

Journey to Jo’burg

Author: Beverly Naidoo

Review by Tasnuva Zinan

Have you ever wondered what life was like for black people 100 years ago? If so, this is the book for you.

This book, as the name suggests, is about 2 sibling’s journey to Johannesburg. They were going there because their little sister, Dineo, was seriously ill and on the brink of death. They need to get their mother, to cure Dineo once and for all. But there was one problem; Jo’burg was 300km away from their home town, Soweto. Despite their mum working, they were still penniless and destitute and had no train fare, so they had to walk. During their journey, they had some adventures like the encounter with the police and the city of gold chapter where they meet the truck driver. It also teaches children about Apartheid, which means the segregation of black and white people.

My favourite part was when they stumble across the orange farm, because it shows how people were united through dark times.

The recommended age is 8-12 but if you really want to, you can read before or after this age .I really loved this book since it gave out a powerful moral, see if you know it!

I absolutely recommend this book to you, and I would rate it 5 stars!!!!

Book Review 5N

Do you want to hear the exciting news about a book? It is called Journey to Johannesburg it is a great story by Beverley Naidoo. The main characters are Grace Mma Naledi and Tiro. This was set in apartheid South Africa.

In the story Naledi and Tiro go to a place called Johannesburg to get mma. The mma has 3 children, in the end they go to a hospital to save their little sister.

I give the book 5 stars because it is all about courage and never giving up.

Written by Amaan Shazad