Book Review 5N

Journey to Jo’burg

By Beverly Naidoo

[recommended review by Laaiba Rani, age 9]This book is suitable for 8-18 year olds because it talks about the history of apartheid.

This book is about a boy called Tiro and a girl called Naledi. They are going to go to Johannesburg [300km away from sowetto] to find their mother, to warn her about their sister Dineo. They go past an orange farm ,a white bus , apartheid police, trains and meet new friends that become part of their family. My favourite part is when Naledi and Tiro find their mother in a parktown mansion working as a servant.

Apartheid [separation] is when black people had to go on different trains, buses, benches and they had to go to different hospitals, towns and some blacks worked as servants and get less money for it, after working too long.

I rate this book a full 5 stars for teaching me about Apartheid!

Book Review 5N

Date:  12/10/18                Journey to Jo’burg

Name: Ikraam Mahmood

Age: 10

Author: Beverly  Naidoo

Illustrator: Lisa Kopper

Favourite part: My favourite part was when they were at the orange farm and they meet a boy who warns them to hide the orange farm and they meet a boy who warns them to hide the orange peels and if they don’t they will be killed by the farmer who has a gun.

Summary: This book is about two siblings named naledi and tiro who are on a Journey to a city named joburg to find their mother because their younger sister dineo who is ill and needs to go to a hospital because she is really ill .

Recommendation: I would recommend someone this book because it has a interesting meaning.

Like: I like this book because it tells you not to be raciest.

Quick message: This book is suitable for 7-15

Rating: I would rate this book 5 out of 5

Book Review 5N

Journey to Jo’burg

(book review by Mohamed Nur age 9)

This story is about apartheid South Africa how the blacks and the whites lives were like this is about 2 children named Naledi and Tiro who had a sick  sister so they set off to Johannesburg to find their mum . My favourite part was the chaotic train station I would recommend this to 7+ kids I rate this 4 out of 5 because it disgusts me how cruel the whites were treating the blacks this affects the story because it shows you how apartheid was like .

Book Review 5N

Journey to Jo’burg

Author: Beverly Naidoo

Review by Hajira Awad (5N)

Have you ever wondered what would it be like in South Africa a hundred years ago? Well find out by reading this book review. I think Journey to Jo’burg is a fantastic book because it teaches children about your background in South Africa. This was called Apartheid and separation in Eenglish.Naledi and Tiro set off an adventurous journey 20 kms away to their mother. After the apartheid South Africa is finally in peace. My favourite part is when they meet Grace. In addition, I like this book so I would definitely recommend i.e. rate it five stars.

Book Review 5N

Journey to Jo’Burg

(Recommended by Eva Hasan age-9 Small Heath)

I think this book is suitable for someone 8 -19 years old. This is because they’ll learn the history of apartheid and what happened during it.


This book is about two young kids named Naledi and Tiro who set off to find their mother in Johannesburg which was 300km away this is because their sister Dineo is sick and needs her mother. They go in an orange farm then a white bus and meet some friends along the way they helped Naledi and Tiro find their mother in Parktown but would they find a surprise at home

My favourite part

My favourite part of the book is when Naledi and Tiro come home with their mother. This is because they were surprised to see Dineo so sick

Effect of Apartheid

It was not fair for the black people since they had to sit on different benches, trains and buses because of their skin colour. They even had to work as slaves and earn less money

I give this book 5 stars it taught me about Apartheid.