Journey to Jo’burg

Author: Beverly Naidoo

Review by Tasnuva Zinan

Have you ever wondered what life was like for black people 100 years ago? If so, this is the book for you.

This book, as the name suggests, is about 2 sibling’s journey to Johannesburg. They were going there because their little sister, Dineo, was seriously ill and on the brink of death. They need to get their mother, to cure Dineo once and for all. But there was one problem; Jo’burg was 300km away from their home town, Soweto. Despite their mum working, they were still penniless and destitute and had no train fare, so they had to walk. During their journey, they had some adventures like the encounter with the police and the city of gold chapter where they meet the truck driver. It also teaches children about Apartheid, which means the segregation of black and white people.

My favourite part was when they stumble across the orange farm, because it shows how people were united through dark times.

The recommended age is 8-12 but if you really want to, you can read before or after this age .I really loved this book since it gave out a powerful moral, see if you know it!

I absolutely recommend this book to you, and I would rate it 5 stars!!!!