Journey to Jo’burg

By Beverly Naidoo

[recommended review by Laaiba Rani, age 9]This book is suitable for 8-18 year olds because it talks about the history of apartheid.

This book is about a boy called Tiro and a girl called Naledi. They are going to go to Johannesburg [300km away from sowetto] to find their mother, to warn her about their sister Dineo. They go past an orange farm ,a white bus , apartheid police, trains and meet new friends that become part of their family. My favourite part is when Naledi and Tiro find their mother in a parktown mansion working as a servant.

Apartheid [separation] is when black people had to go on different trains, buses, benches and they had to go to different hospitals, towns and some blacks worked as servants and get less money for it, after working too long.

I rate this book a full 5 stars for teaching me about Apartheid!