Journey to Jo’Burg

(Recommended by Eva Hasan age-9 Small Heath)

I think this book is suitable for someone 8 -19 years old. This is because they’ll learn the history of apartheid and what happened during it.


This book is about two young kids named Naledi and Tiro who set off to find their mother in Johannesburg which was 300km away this is because their sister Dineo is sick and needs her mother. They go in an orange farm then a white bus and meet some friends along the way they helped Naledi and Tiro find their mother in Parktown but would they find a surprise at home

My favourite part

My favourite part of the book is when Naledi and Tiro come home with their mother. This is because they were surprised to see Dineo so sick

Effect of Apartheid

It was not fair for the black people since they had to sit on different benches, trains and buses because of their skin colour. They even had to work as slaves and earn less money

I give this book 5 stars it taught me about Apartheid.