Journey to Jo’burg

(Laiba Parvez, age 10)

Beverly Naidoo

I really enjoyed this book because the author used lots of different words to describe different things. I would recommend this book to 10yr or 11yr because they would enjoy it because it includes lots of new words. My favourite part of the book is when they find Mma because they got to enjoy the moment. My least favourite part is when they go to the hospital because it creates a lot of stress. Some parts of the book were very interesting because the author talks a lot about apartheid and what happened in South Africa. My favourite character is Naledi because she took responsibility and looked after Tiro.It could be very depressing for Naledi and Tiro because they would be at a lot of places and it might be claustrophobic. It was very upsetting that when their sister became ill they went all the way to Johannesburg which was 300km away. I give this book 4 stars.