Journey to Jo’ burg

Review by Ejaz Hanif

Age 10

Author Beverly Naidoo

Illustrator Lisa kopper

This book was wonderful to read. Inside the book was about Apartheid laws. My favourite part is when they go to the orange farm and eat and sleep. It gives a lot of information and facts about South Africa in 1900’s which shows us what it was like in them times.  Naledi and Tiro risk their lifes for their ill,little sister Dineo. If they go on this adventure they might survive but they can make it in time to get to their Mom because she is all the way in johhanesburg which is 300 km away from Soweto their country.This is one of their most dangerous journey’s yet!it it was banned in South Africa for a while but then they released it again. It got banned because the government did not want them to know what they like.

I rate this book 5 stars because of the moral behind it which is to not be racist, and the suitable age I say it should be 7-25 years old.