For the past 2 weeks we have been artists! This year for art fortnight year one have studied and take inspiration from Bridget Riley. Bridget Riley is an English artist who creates optical illusions and artwork using tessellation. In the first week we researched, experimented with different mediums and created a piece of 2D artwork in the style of Bridget Riley. This week we have focused on 3D art and used clay to produce 3D artwork again which was inspired by Bridget Riley.

WEEK 1 – Using paints to create our Bridget Riley inspired  piece of art.

WEEK 1 – Using oil pastels to create our Bridget Riley inspired piece of art.


WEEK 2 – Creating our 3D artwork.


During the course of the fortnight we have learnt lots of new skills and fun facts about Bridget Riley, but the best thing of all we had lots of fun doing it! Year one have created some fantastic pieces of art – well done!