On Friday 26th January 2018, year 1 visited the Black Country Museum to look at how things were in the past and how things have changed over time.


The children began the day by participating in a Victorian wash day. Whereby, they had to grate the soap and add it to the water in the dolly tub. After that the children had to use the dolly to twist and mix the clothes until they were clean.

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Then they had to use all their strength to turn the mangle to rinse the excess water from the clothes. Finally they then hung their clothes on a washing line using a peg.

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It was an enjoyable experience but the children realised how hard the Victorian children had to work.

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The half of the day the children visited old shops, a school and houses to see how they lived and to think about the difference between then and now. The children were quite surprised of the huge difference there was.

The children were so well behaved and really did Starbank Primary proud. Children and teachers alike both enjoyed the trip!  It was a very worth while experience.