We have had a really busy and fun-packed first term in Reception. The children have worked extremely hard in all areas of their learning and the excitement and enthusiasm they have has been a joy to see!

Here are a few ideas of things you could do at home with your child to help them with their learning during the Christmas holiday.


  • Name writing

You could help your child learn to write their name, with a capital letter for the first letter only.

  • Reading

Enjoy time sharing a book with your child, even for just 5 minutes each day. You could also help your child learn to read by practising their word list which can be found in their book bag..

  • Word and sentence writing

Once your child can confidently write their name, maybe you could challenge them to write short words and sentences. Try simple sentence openers such as ‘I can see a…’ , ‘I like the…’, and ‘I am…’

  • Number recognition

You could also help your child to recognise and order written numerals by writing the numbers 0-20 on separate pieces of paper and muddling them up!

  • Get creative!

Being creative is a very important part of Reception. Maybe you could help your child to develop their creativity by helping them to paint, draw, make clay models, dance, sing and act out stories!

  • Free days out

There are lots of places you could visit with your child that are completely free! Parks, outdoor play areas, libraries, museums and art galleries, just to name a few!


Thank you for your ongoing support. Enjoy your Christmas holiday!

The Reception Team