At first we had Rocket Radio, and now we have Rocket Radio and iStar TV! The brand new TV station here at Starbank School is going from strength to strength, and today we launched our 2nd TV show. In a short space of time we are very happy that we have created two very successful shows. The children are involved in writing, recording, and technical/filming duties. The shows have included school tours, trips around the world, magic, world records, languages and much more. The TV shows are only available to view in school for the moment, but keep watching out for updates. iStar TV is alive and kicking! Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of show 1 and 2.

IMG_3132 IMG_3134 IMG_3151 IMG_3158 IMG_3162 IMG_3169 IMG_3172 IMG_3201 IMG_3207 IMG_3208 IMG_4307 IMG_4309 IMG_4610 IMG_4619 IMG_4624 iStar-TV