Maths in Reception

This week Reception are learning to recognise numbers.

By the end of the year, most children will be able to recognise and order numbers from 0-20.

Maybe you can help your children to recognise numbers by playing some number recognition games or creating number flash cards in your house. Once they have learnt to recognise all the numbers between 0-20, challenge them to place them in numerical order!

Here are some helpful links:

Year 6 visit RAF Cosford!

Year 6 visit RAF Cosford!

Year 6 had a fantastic day exploring and learning at RAF Cosford – a Royal Air Force museum exhibiting planes from across the ages. The trip offered the children a valuable opportunity for us to further their knowledge of our history topic, The Battle of Britain.

During the day, the year 6’s had the chance to participate in a WW2 classroom lesson, wear authentic outfits from the period and even have a go at the controls of a WW2 plane.

Have a look through our pictures and see if you can identify which RAF plane is featured.


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RA and RSK explore their new garden!

RA and RSK explore their new garden!

This afternoon the children in RA and RSK were very excited to explore their new-look garden for the first time! The children had lots of fun exploring the water area, building cars in the construction area and even making music in the theatre! There were also lots of children busy cooking in the sand kitchen and exploring books in the reading circle.

We can’t wait to continue developing the garden over the days and weeks to come.

Reading in Reception

Thank you to all of the parents who managed to attend the ‘Reading in Reception’ meeting this week.

We hope you found the information helpful.

Some key reminders are:

  • Book bags need to be sent to school every day.
  • Children are responsible for ensuring they change their book every morning with a book from the book basket.
  • Staff will read 1-1 with every child at least once a week. This book will be sent home so your child can read it to you.
  • Children will soon begin to receive blue word cards. Please help your child learn to read these by sight.
  • All children learn to read at different rates. Every child is individual.

Reading should be an enjoyable experience. We want all children to love reading!

Please follow the links below for some helpful hints, tips and ideas that may help you teach reading at home.




Starting School in RA and RSK

Starting School in RA and RSK

The children in RA and RSK had a fun-filled first week in school as they were busy making new friends and exploring the indoor and outdoor environments. We are very proud of all the children as they have been so grown up coming into school and have already begun to settle into the new school routines.

We are all looking forward to welcoming the children full-time on Monday!




Reading Meetings in Reception

Reading Meetings in Reception

Today the Reception children and parents enjoyed the first reading meeting of the year. Parents came and shared a story together with their child, and some children chose to read to each other. We invite parents into class every Friday morning to a reading meeting, so come along and share a book!


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Our first week in RHC and RCW

Our first week in RHC and RCW

Reception have been settling in to their new classes. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classrooms, meeting new friends and working hard. We have enjoyed painting, building, using the clay, using the woodwork and making things at the collage table. Have a look at what we have been doing this week!

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Year 2 Rocket Radio – The Plants Show

Year 2 Rocket Radio – The Plants Show

Year 2 delivered the very final Rocket Radio show of the year with a spectacular Plants based show, broadcast to a hall full of parents, staff and children at Bierton Road. The show involved all the classes from Year 2 from Starbank Road and Bierton Road. There were reports to give you all the crucial information you need to know, and also quizzes to test your knowledge!… not to forget all of the mega music and an actual song about the needs of a plant! Tune in and enjoy the Year 2 Plants Show!

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Year 6!!!

Year 6!!!


This year our production was based on a famous book called ‘The Wind in the Willows’. This required many rehearsals and singing in tune – which led to many lost voices. All day, every day the main characters practiced their extremely long lines for a whole 2 weeks non-stop whilst the rest of us got to make props such as: the wings for the birds, the horse mask, the boat, oars, cars and much more. All our hard work paid off as the production was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks to all the parents as we had a full house and we were sold out!


So, we finally graduated from primary school and will move onto a new chapter of our lives – secondary school. A lot of preparation went into the graduation ceremony, our performances, teacher speeches, colour co-ordination and special awards. We were lucky enough to have the Lord Mayor of Birmingham come to celebrate with us. The most enjoyable part was learning the carnival dance that Imagineer Productions taught us. Some children made their own costumes whilst others were large wings and beaks to bring the dance alive.


To bring all the celebrations to an end we enjoyed a gigantic disco party at Bierton Road. It was extremely nice as the year 6 classes from Hobmoor road also came. We were allowed to bring cameras and tablets/iPads in to capture and make special memories with our friends and teachers. Dressed up in our fancy party clothes, we had great fun dancing and playing games with our friends and teachers enjoying the last few days of year 6. We also had took part in a dance off between the Hobmoor and Bierton road sites – that was hilarious – the weirdest dance moves were revealed! All in all it was a great evening that was enjoyed by many.


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