RA’s Autumnal Trip to the Eco Park

RA’s Autumnal Trip to the Eco Park

RA had a wonderful time visiting the Eco Park. It was the first trip the children had ever been on so the excitement and anticipation was high! The children all remembered to get a good night’s sleep so they had lots of energy for our long walk. They all listened carefully when we talked about how to stay safe on our journey and we were all very impressed with the sensible way they behaved throughout the trip.

When we arrived we met Guy who took us on a tour of the Eco Park. We learnt plenty from Guy about the changes that happen during the autumn season and the children even got to make their own postcards, using the beautiful leaves we found during our visit. Before we returned to school Guy told us the secret of the Eco Park… we got to meet the dragon! The children (and the grown ups!) enjoyed playing in the dragon and luckily no one got stuck in his tummy!

A huge thank you to our fantastic parent helpers who made our visit possible!


RAS visit the Ecopark!

RAS visit the Ecopark!

This morning RAS visited the Ecopark. Before we left we talked about road safety and how to keep safe when we are out and about. When we got to the Ecopark Guy taught us how the environment changes in Autumn. We then enjoyed trying to find the most beautiful Autumn leaves to put on our postcards. A huge thank you to all the adults who accompanied us on our trip. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Year 1 use their senses!

Year 1 use their senses!

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Tuesday 11th October

Our senses afternoon

We enjoyed exploring our senses, we talked about how the senses were linked to our body parts.

We then took part in some activities that helped us use our senses, like listening to sounds on the laptop, tasting different fruits, smelling blindfolded, using magnifying glasses to explore natural objects and making textured pictures.

Maths in Reception

Maths in Reception


Over the past week we have been learning all about 2D shapes in Reception. We have enjoyed counting the sides and corners of 2D shapes, and talking about why they are 2D.

This week we are creating our own repeating patterns using 2D shapes! If you want to have a go at home, please follow the links below to continue some shape patterns:



We hope you enjoy creating your own shape patterns!


4F and 4P at the Think Tank

4F and 4P at the Think Tank

Year 4 have enjoyed visiting the Think Tank where we learnt all about the body. This has helped us with our learning in science where we have been studying and exploring the digestive system and our teeth.

We have also made food chains showing the transfer of energy between producers and consumers.

We are currently doing an experiment which shows how drinking sweet and acidic drinks affects our teeth using eggs (instead of teeth).

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Visiting the library

Visiting the library



We are really lucky in Birmingham to have so many fantastic libraries. They are a brilliant resource for the whole family with services such as book lending, computers, advice and activities. Many libraries also offer reading schemes, clubs, homework support as well events such as coffee mornings and craft fairs.

It is free to join the library and each family member can have a card (from babies to grandparents!). Each card holder can then take out up to 10 books for up to 4 weeks at a time and there are no fines for late returns for children and the elderly. So its a great way to get the whole family into reading and enjoying books! Librarians are also always happy to give advise on the best books for you or your children.

The nearest libraries to school are Small Heath Library on Muntz Street, and South Yardley Library on Yardley Road, both of which have regular events on for children and families. The new Library of Birmingham in the city centre is also a fantastic trip out for the whole family with an amazing children’s area, free events and even a cafe!

Check out these events at your local library and if you don’t yet have a library card, please ask your child’s teacher for a form.



Happy Reading!

Mount Pleasant Farm Trip with Year 1

Today in Year 1, we went to Mount Pleasant Farm and learnt about and named the common animals found on the farm. We saw cows, chickens, sheep and even the farm dog called Tinkerbell. We had a brilliant time and learnt lots of new information. Did you know that baby cows were called calves and that male chickens were called cockerels? Did you know that eggs are collected from the chickens every day so that the eggs are never over 1 day old? Thank you 1RB and 1J for showing fantastic manners and great enthusiasm at the farm. What an amazing day!  

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