Reception’s Creative Workshop at Bierton Road

Reception’s Creative Workshop at Bierton Road

Thank you to all of the parents who came to the creative workshop today. We hope you enjoyed finding out more about the creative opportunities we have in Reception and, most importantly, you had fun playing with your child! It would be fantastic if you could have a go at using some of these activities at home to support your child’s learning.

Here are some photos of our fun-packed morning!

If you were unable to attend the workshop you can have a look at some of the ideas we discussed using the presentation below.

Creative Workshop Presentation


Thanks for your continued support,

The Reception Team

Community Visit

Community Visit

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A group of children from Bierton Road went to visit the Ibis Hotel as part of a community project. They went to the hotel to have a look around, have brunch and plant bulbs and then the group returned to school to plant some more bulbs on the school grounds.

Whilst at the hotel they met the Bearded Broz who helped clean up the local area during the recent bin strikes.

The Bearded Broz have kindly offered to support the development of the outside area, as a way of saying thank you to them we are going to do a collection for the local food-bank, which is another project the bearded Broz are involved with- details to follow soon.

Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting Three

Hob Moor Road Arts Council : Meeting Three

Today the Hob Moor Road Arts Council had our third meeting.

We finalised the ‘Pupil Voice Survey’ that we began creating in our last meeting and we decided when we are going to present this survey to our classes.

We discussed what we would do with the findings from our survey. We settled on creating class posters or graphs to share the results which we will go on to combine together to make a single powerpoint presentation to share the results from the whole of KS2. We hope to present our presentation to Mrs Malhi!

We also discussed an upcoming art competition, which is currently top secret! Arts Councillors will be responsible for advertising this competition and making sure we get lots of entries.

Arts Councillor Gap Tasks:

  1. Explain the ‘Pupil Voice Survey’ to your class.
  2. Complete the survey with your class (after 20th November)
  3. Create a graph or poster to display class results from the survey
  4. Create a poster to advertise the upcoming art competition

Next Meeting:  Monday 27th November, 12:30 – 12:45


Maths in Reception

Maths in Reception

This week in Reception we have been busy learning all about capacity. The children have had lots of practical opportunities to develop their understanding on this concept by filling a different containers using a variety of resources e.g. water, sand, rice etc.

The key words we have been learning are:

  • full
  • empty
  • half full
  • nearly full
  • nearly empty
  • most
  • least

Maths in Reception

A great way to develop your child’s understanding of capacity is to involve them in cooking at home. Encourage them to fill different cups and containers and talk about what they can see using the words they have learnt.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Reception Team






Key stage 2 at Bierton were visited by Riverside Perrforming Arts to explore cyber bullying and British Values. They were entertained by a wonderful performance with Superhero students. Year 3 and 4 had the opportunity to take part in a lively workshop exploring what superhero powers they would have to stop cyber bullying.

Arts council Bierton Road

Hello everyone!

We recently had our second meeting at Bierton Road. We had a great discussion about what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to achieve it. We have now been given the task of creating a poster to display all of our amazing ideas.

Look out for our student survey coming around as we also generated this. We want to hear your views and opinions on the Arts at Starbank!

We will keep you updated!

Bierton Arts Council

Hob Moor Road Arts Council: Meeting Two

On Monday 30th October the Hob Moor Road Arts Council held our second meeting.

During our meeting we looked at the posters and statements the Councillors had created as their gap task, explaining what they want to achieve on Arts Council.

We looked at the school blog and decided to photograph all of our posters and statements to share these on the school blog too.

Next, we began to plan a ‘Pupil Voice Survey’ as a way to find out our peers opinions of how the Arts are taught in Starbank School. We worked together to create a series of questions we would like to ask Starbank pupils.

As a gap task, Councillors are going the think about the best way to approach the ‘Pupil Voice Survey’, including ‘when’ and ‘how’ we will ask our planned questions, and what we will do with the responses. We will finalise these decisions during our next meeting.

Next meeting: Monday 13th November, 12:30 – 12:45